Lori Skeeter
NMLS ID# 205645
Branch Partner


1906 N. Hamilton St.
Suite C
Richmond, VA 23230


  • Licensed In: VA

Hey there!  The fact that you made it here means something I did along the way must be working. Therefore, I must choose my next words very carefully so that you will decide to contact me…but what do I say? 

Conventional wisdom says you must start with a bio – personalize your business and let people get to know you; but knowing my hobbies tells you nothing about what it's like to work with me. I can’t imagine many of my clients are terribly interested in knowing where I grew up (New Jersey) or my pet’s name (it’s Frazier, in case you wanted to know). I can tell you that I’m a top-notch professional and how I’ll help you get the home of your dreams but, isn’t that my job??

So, I'll tell you my philosophy - in short, "be the loan originator you'd like to work with." What does that mean? Well, if you’re handling my loan, I want you to:

• Know what you’re talking about. And if you don’t know, research it and get back to me in a timely manner. Don’t do what is easiest for you, guess or wing it. I’m making some major decisions out here based on your guidance. 

• Be responsive and efficient. If this is my first purchase, I’m nervous, I have lots of questions. Don’t leave me out here twisting in the wind – hoping you got my email, voice mail, text or all of the above. 

• Educate me. There are lots of loan options out there – maybe what I asked for isn’t what’s best for me. Don’t listen to me…you’re the professional.

• Listen to me!  I get that you’re the professional but ultimately this is my decision. Be patient, I don’t want to feel railroaded into your “preferred” option.

There’s more of course, but those are definitely the high points of what will make or break a business relationship. They outline my commitment to my clients - you’ll get that with me…every time. 

I think these few paragraphs tell you more about why you want to work with me than knowing my shoe size (7.5 though, I’m a shoe girl). Let’s figure out the next steps together. Contact me at 804.475.6532 and we’ll get you started on the path to your new home! 

"To simplify the mortgage process and build long-term trust with every client."

ALCOVA Mortgage was founded in 2003, born out of a Passion to Serve!  Since inception we have helped over 15,000 borrowers reach their home financing goals.  We have over 40 offices located throughout the Eastern United States staffed by our professional and highly-trained team members, who on average have over 10 years each of mortgage industry experience!  We offer a broad product range that includes FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, Manufactured Housing, Reverse Loans, Home Rehabilitation,  and an In-House Construction Product.  

Because residential mortgage loans have our full concentration and we treat every customer like family, our service levels are outstanding! Better than what you may find at a bank, credit union, or other financial institution.  We make it easy to do business with us— All of our initial consultations are done free of charge with no obligation.  We have several tools available to make your home loan experience as convenient to your schedule and lifestyle as possible, regardless if you prefer to work in-person, over the phone, or through the internet.  

Whether you are looking to refinance an existing mortgage for a lower payment, utilize equity in your home for an important purpose, or purchase a new home—we want to be your GO TO Lender!  If you have a challenging situation, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.  We are passionate problem solvers and our goal is quite simple — to help you reach yours.