Walter C. Bowers

June - 2016
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My name is Walter C. Bowers.  I want to write a few things about my life.  I was born and raised on a farm in Orange County, Mountain Tract Road. I worked hard with my father.  We did things the old way: horse and wagon.  We were family: Mom, Dad, our brother Earl.  We were a happy family, lots of love. Then came WWII.  I was drafted for the army at 18 years old.  I had basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama.  I was sent to Italy in May 1944.  I was a front line combat solider. I was communications soldier for the Co-Commander-the big unit on my back with the long antenna.  The last big battle was a place called Livergnano, “Liver and Onions” will never be forgotten by those who were there.  This is where Bob Dole was wounded in the 10th Mountain Division.  There is a monument erected at Livergnano in silent tribute to the battle dead of the 361st Infantry Regiment Campaigns-Rome Arno. North Apennines, Po Valley.

Walter C. Bowers

Co.A 361st Inf. Regt. 91st Div.

My birthday is “D-Day” June 6, 1925.