Kenneth Wayne Dunbar

January - 2016
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Kenneth Wayne Dunbar enlisted in the Army in February of 1984. At his highest rank, Ken was enlisted as an E-4 Specialist. While in the military he served as a cook after completing the necessary courses in order to do so: 10 weeks of Basic Training and 8 weeks of Advanced Individual Training in Cooking. Specialist Dunbar also earned a Meritorious Service Ribbon as well as the Army Achievement Award. He was honorably discharged on February 7, 1990 which ended his 6 years of service.
Ken passed away suddenly on December 17, 2014.  His nephew, Wally Andrus, is a Loan Officer in our Blacksburg, VA branch.  Pictured above, Wally is presenting his Aunt with the Hometown Hero plaque in honor of his Uncle.  

"Ken loved three things in life, Anna, his girls and NASCAR.  My Uncle Ken was a great man.  He loved our family and we are less of a unit without him here.  There are certain people in life that you don't realize made such an impact on you until they're gone.  He was a hero in my life.  And one that I will never forget."  ~ Wally Andrus