Jordan Downhour

February - 2016
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Jordan Downhour was born in Lancaster, Ohio and graduated from Northside High School in Roanoke, VA. After graduating in June of 2010, Jordan enlisted in the US ARMY. In December of 2012 Jordan was wounded in a roadside IED blast in Eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistan border where he sustained a traumatic brain injury.  He was released from Active Duty Army in August of 2014 due to his injuries and not being able to recover effectively in the military atmosphere.  Jordan received a Purple Heart for being wounded in action. Since the day of his injury, normal life is a challenge and this Veteran tackles it every day. Jordan has a wife whose name is also Jordan. They have been married 2 years and have 2 sons, Jamison and Jalin. The Downhours now reside in Buchanan, VA.

What Jordan's wife said about him:  If anyone can respond to adversity or teach a class on how to do so - it is this man.  I have seen his everyday struggles and how he has responded to them and it is an amazing sight.  The way this man manages his life and injuries is and should be an inspiration to everyone!