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In support of our local communities, ALCOVA Mortgage is proud to announce that we will be recognizing local Veterans as part of our “Hometown Heroes” program! At ALCOVA we appreciate so much the sacrifice that Veterans have made to give us the freedom and opportunities we have. It is because of this that we are excited about giving something back each month to these real “Hometown Heroes”.  Each month we will recognize one Hometown Hero, in different regions of our service area.  Each Veteran is given a plaque and a $500 check in thanks for their service.



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Louis Pendleton

Currently serving his fourteenth year in the the Virginia Army National Guard, Louis Pendleton has already been deployed to Kosovo, Iraq, and Qatar garnering multiple honors for his service. More Information

September - 2018
William David Harris

Inspired by his family’s rich, long history of serving in the military, David chose to follow in their footsteps by joining the US Army in 1993. More Information

August - 2018
Nick Reed

After completing a 20-year career in the military, Nick’s service to others continued after he became inspired to start the Agape4Africa ministry.More Information

July - 2018
William Morrison

William “Skip” Morrison owes a lot to his father, whose service as a Navy Hospital Corpsman in World War II inspired him to think about joining the military. More Information

June - 2018
Lapthe Flora

A native of Saigon in Vietnam, Lapthe Flora traveled to America in his youth and later dedicated his life to serving his new country.More Information

May - 2018
Charles Lawrence

With ten years of military service and two tours in World War II and the Korean War, Charles Lawrence continued to make a difference in his Gordonsville, VA community!More Information

April - 2018
Jerry Shelton

Joining the U.S. Navy in August 1996, Jerry Shelton fell in love with the military soon after completing his first deployment at the young age of 19. More Information

March - 2018
Wendy Murphy

After finishing a military career spanning eight-and-a-half years and serving a tour in Iraq, Wendy Murphy continues to make an impact as an ICU/ER nurse and community volunteer.More Information

February - 2018
Michael Chambers

With twenty years of military service and four tours in Afghanistan with the 3rd Special Forces Group Airborne, Michael Chambers continues to make a difference at home in Lewisburg, WV! More Information

January - 2018
Julio C. Driggs

Emigrating from Cuba to the United States in 1968, Julio C. Driggs enlisted to serve in the US Army in January 1982 and was later assigned to the notable 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), also known as the “Night Stalkers.” More Information

December - 2017
Joseph Collins

With military service as a Marine in Bosnia and two tours in Iraq with the US Army Airborne, Joseph Collins would continue to serve his country and community through local law enforcement and as a Senior Instructor for Tomahawk Strategic Solutions.More Information

November - 2017
Lewis May

Drafted at the young age of 19, Lewis May experienced constant bombardment at the port in Antwerp during the final months of World War II. More Information

October - 2017
Ronnie Williams

After spending 26 years serving in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve, Ronnie Williams continued to positively impact the people in his community by teaching martial arts at Showstoppers Martial Arts, LLC in Youngsville, NC.More Information

September - 2017
Allan Burke

In all chapters of his life, Allan Burke has consistently demonstrated his desire to help people and serve his community. More Information

August - 2017
Jeffrey Kell

With a military career spanning twenty-five years, Jeffrey Kell found a new purpose to continue contributing to our military after suffering major injuries while on tour in Iraq.More Information

July - 2017
Tom Stalvey

Working as an aircrew Loadmaster, Tom Stalvey survived the infamous TET Offensive in 1968 and would later recount all of his Vietnam war experiences in a book.More Information

June - 2017
Lois Fritz

An eight-year veteran of the US Navy is honored for her service and her work with New Freedom Farm, a non-profit organization that uses equine therapy to heal veterans suffering from PTSD.More Information

May - 2017
Fred Wease

ALCOVA Mortgage honored local World War II veteran and POW Fred Wease for his service to his country and his heart for the residents at the Dogwood Village Health and Rehabilitation Center.More Information

April - 2017
Joseph Figura III

The family of Joseph Figura III accepted the posthumous Hometown Hero honor from ALCOVA Mortgage for Joseph's honorable service to his country at home and abroad.More Information

March - 2017
Irvin W. Johnson

Drafted into the Army shortly after graduating high school, Irvin W. Johnson achieved numerous honors for his valiant service in World War II. More Information

February - 2017
Frederick Pryor

Frederick Pryor, a key behind-the-scenes player at Roanoke's Jefferson Center, was surprised by at least a dozen of his friends for ALCOVA Mortgage's presentation of its Hometown Hero honor. More Information

January - 2017
Albert Carter Ellington III

Local legend and war veteran Albert “Ace” Carter Ellington III overcomes adversity and inspires his local community.More Information

November - 2016
Staff Sergeant Jason Nicely

For his 18 years of outstanding service and to commemorate the 11th anniversary of his survival from an antitank mine, we honor Staff Sergeant Jason Nicely.More Information

October - 2016
Geneo Graves

Jamie Bailey, Branch Partner of our Vinton, VA branch had the honor of presenting Geneo Graves with his plaque and checkMore Information

September - 2016
Steven Butler

Jason Helmintoller, Branch Partner of our Covington, VA branch had the pleasure of presenting Steven Butler with his award.More Information

August - 2016
Chris Riddle

Brandon Nicely, Branch Partner of ALCOVA Blacksburg had the honor of meeting with Chris, his wife Paige and their beautiful daughter.More Information

July - 2016
Walter C. Bowers

Greg Dudley had the honor of presenting Mr. Bowers with his check and personalized plaque thanking him for his service in World War II.More Information

June - 2016
David Harris

Jason Helmintoller, Branch Partner and Jason Hall, Loan Officer, both of our Covington, VA branch had the pleasure of presenting David Harris with his award.More Information

May - 2016

Tony Bolding of our Fredericksburg, VA branch presented a personalized plaque and a check to a Veteran who wishes to remain anonymousMore Information

April - 2016
David Johnson

Melanie Spruell and Mike Uzzell of our Kennesaw, GA branch present Mr. Johnson with his plaque and check.More Information

March - 2016
Jordan Downhour

Jason Helmintoller, Branch Partner in our Covington, VA branch presents a check to Jordan Downhour and his family. More Information

February - 2016
Kenneth Wayne Dunbar

Wally Andrus in our Blacksburg, VA branch presenting a check and plaque to his Aunt to commemorate his late Uncle Kenneth Wayne Dunbar. More Information

January - 2016
Harry Clay Gintzer III

Ken Phillips, Branch Partner at our Morristown, TN branch thanked Harry Gintzer for his service and presented him with his plaque and check.More Information

December - 2015
Walter G. Nicely

In a ceremony held at the Alleghany County Sheriff's Office, ALCOVA Mortgage recognizes the late Walter G. Nicely.More Information

November - 2015
William Billy Joseph Almond

Bryan Bates, in our Cumberland, MD branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Billy Almond.More Information

October - 2015
Aaron X. Wittman

Dave Bayford, Branch Partner of our Chester, VA branch had the honor of presenting his long time friends Duane and Carol Wittman with the Hometown Heroes donation to the scholarship fund and a plaque in memory of their son Aaron. More Information

September - 2015
Joshua Hurley

ALCOVA Mortgage is honored to recognize our newest Hometown Hero, the late Joshua Hurley. This marks the first time the award is made posthumously.More Information

August - 2015
Pat Osborne

Jason Helmintoller, Branch Partner in our Covington, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Pat Osborne.More Information

July - 2015
Mike Pyle

Mike Pyle (pictured with his wife Krysty, a former ALCOVA Mortgage employee) receives a check and personalized plaque. More Information

June - 2015
Veteran Employees of ALCOVA

This month we are recognizing our own!More Information

May - 2015
Andrew Smith

Wally Andrus (left) and Brandon Nicely (right) present Andrew Smith (middle) with a check and personalized plaque.More Information

April - 2015
Steve Cantell

Employees of our Kennesaw branch along with the entire Internal Affairs Department of the Cobb County Police present a check and personalized plaque to Steve Cantell.More Information

March - 2015
Steven Tomlinson

Eric Craig, Branch Partner in our Richmond, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Steven Tomlinson.More Information

February - 2015
Zane Turner

Brandon Nicely, Branch Partner in our Blacksburg, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Zane Turner.More Information

January - 2015
Aaron Smith

Tony Markland, Branch Partner in our Powhatan, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Aaron Smith.More Information

December - 2014
Joseph Johnson

Greg Dudley, Branch Partner in our Gordonsville, VA branch and Susan McCurry present a check and personalized plaque to Mr. Joseph Johnson.More Information

November - 2014
James R. Kirchner, Jr.

Jason Inglish, Branch Partner in our Cumberland, MD branch presents a check and personalized plaque to James Kirchner, Jr.More Information

October - 2014
Josh Williams

Jamie Bailey, Branch Partner in our Vinton, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Josh Williams.More Information

September - 2014
Sherman Nataniel Holloway, Sr.

Jason Helmintoller, Branch Partner in our Covington, VA branch presents a check and personalized plaque to Sherman Holloway, Sr.More Information

August - 2014
Kimberly Howard

ALCOVA Mortgage is proud to announce its first "Hometown Heroes"recipient. More Information

July - 2014