Get Your Loan Approved Fast!

The mortgage process has a lot of moving parts.  With many new regulations and compliance requirements, there is a vast amount of paperwork and numerous people involved in getting your home loan approved.  In order to process your loan fast and efficiently, there are some things you can do to help cut down a significant amount of time in the loan process.


1 – Organize your personal paperwork to submit to us.


You’ll be given a specific list of documents needed and the more thorough you are in getting us what we ask for, the faster your loan will more towards approval.


2 – Explain very clearly any unique financial situations you may have.


We understand that no two borrowers are alike, but the more information you provide explaining any unusual circumstances you have with your current or past financial history, will help us get any potential problems solved quickly and efficiently.


3 – Be available and prompt when we need to talk to you during the loan process.


We are working for you and we’re more than happy to work around your schedule; however, the quicker you respond to questions and submit items we request from you, the sooner we can move your loan to its next step in the process and get final approval for you.


For questions on how we can get your home loan approved in record time, call us today at 855-GO-ALCOVA or visit our website at