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Whether you love or dread the frosty winter temperatures, we all like to save money while staying comfortable in our home when the temperatures drop. By taking a few simple steps towards winterizing your home, you can achieve both goals! Caulk (or Re-Caulk) Your Windows If you are noticing cold drafts of air coming from … Continue reading 4 Tips on Winterizing Your Home

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Cold winter temperatures don’t have to keep you from getting out and looking at homes. If you have been considering buying a home for the first time or if you are ready to find that perfect dream home, now is a good time to come out of hibernation and start looking. Let’s look at some … Continue reading The Pro’s of Off-Season Home Loans


Winter has arrived, but it does not have to bring outrageous heating bills with it. Simply following some basic DIY home maintenance tips can reward you with financial savings without sacrificing home comfort. Let’s take a quick tour around the house to determine some common problem areas that can be fixed easily. Replace Worn Weather … Continue reading Turn Up the Savings on Home Heating

Curing Cabin Fever with Indoor Gardening

The end of February brings the hope that Spring is just around the corner. The wonder of snow and snow days has worn off as kids anxiously wait for days of playing outside without wearing three layers of clothing. One way to pass a little more indoor time is to start a garden, either choosing … Continue reading Curing Cabin Fever with Indoor Gardening