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From getting a lower rate to lowering your monthly payments to switching from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage, there are many reasons to consider refinancing your home mortgage loan. Whatever your reason is for refinancing your mortgage, we know it can be an overwhelming process. Here are 5 steps to follow to ensure a … Continue reading 5 Steps to a Successful Refinance

With mortgage interest rates near all-time record lows, many homeowners are considering refinancing. If you haven’t been, you should be. Here are a few quick tips: Check with your ALCOVA Loan Officer for the best rate. Most rate quotes are based on when your loan closes. Should you require a longer period of time in … Continue reading Thinking About Refinancing? Now’s the Time!

After a week of little movement in mortgage rates, more homeowners applied to refinance their home loans — probably in response to the Federal Reserve’s recent .25% increase in the interest rate.  The total volume of mortgage applications decreased last week from the previous week, reports the Mortgage Bankers Association. However, applications for refinancing went … Continue reading Rate Fears Cause Refinancing Growth

Spring Will Come ~ Time For Your Annual Home Check-up

Ah Spring…Yes, Spring will eventually arrive and your home may need some TLC Yes, the calendar indicates Spring has sprung but the weatherman hasn’t gotten the message.  We’ve had a few days of warmth, a tease of good days to come, so it’s a great time to put together the “to do” list… Woven throughout … Continue reading Spring Will Come ~ Time For Your Annual Home Check-up

November…A Time To Contribute, Collect, Connect

It’s Time For End-of-Year Financial Duties Is it possible, six weeks until the New Year…time to start thinking about what happened in 2013…did you buy a new home, did you refinance your existing mortgage, are you thinking about buying, selling, moving, or refinancing the homestead in 2014? Throughout the past year almost every blog article … Continue reading November…A Time To Contribute, Collect, Connect

To Sell and Buy, or Rehab? How Do You Decide?

Okay, so rates have moved up a bit, the Mortgage Meister has some thoughts on how to get what you want so you have what you need in your dream house. Let’s get back to basics, that is, the numbers. So you don’t want to move, you don’t want to sell, but the old homestead … Continue reading To Sell and Buy, or Rehab? How Do You Decide?

Is Now The Time To Buy or Refinance?

So the $64,000 question is, “are interest rates going to keep going up?” The quick answer is maybe a little bit in the short term. But the catalyst that has driven mortgage rates higher has in large part been due to the rise in the stock market. However, there are several positive factors that are … Continue reading Is Now The Time To Buy or Refinance?