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Have interest rates gone down from when you originally financed your home? Has your financial situation changed since you bought your home? Has your home value increased? Answering “yes” to any of these questions could mean it’s a good time to refinance your home. Switch to a Fixed Rate Loan Refinancing can be done for … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Refinance


Not everyone can afford the standard down payment when buying a home. Instead, they achieve their dream of home ownership through mortgage insurance. So what exactly is mortgage insurance, and how does it affect your home loan? What is Mortgage Insurance? Mortgage Insurance is an insurance policy that compensates mortgage lenders for losses due to … Continue reading Do I Need Mortgage Insurance?


UPDATE: On Friday, January 20, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that it has suspended the planned reduction of Mortgage Insurance Premiums on FHA loans, effective immediately. This reduction was set to go into effect on January 27, but it is now no longer scheduled to take place. Original Blog: New homebuyers now have … Continue reading FHA Mortgage Insurance Cut Means Big Savings

FHA Mortgage-The Affordable Choice, Or Is It?

FHA is the Federal Housing Administration, the largest source of low-down-payment mortgage money in the country. Its minimum down payment is just 3.5 percent, compared with anywhere from 5 percent to 20 percent or higher from conventional, nongovernment sources. For decades, FHA’s affordable financing has made homeownership possible for first-time buyers with modest incomes and … Continue reading FHA Mortgage-The Affordable Choice, Or Is It?