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Spring is here, marking the arrival of warmer temperatures and necessary yardwork! Whether you are looking to put your home on the market, wanting to improve your new home’s look, or just making some tweaks to your current landscaping, here are some budget-friendly tips that just might make your neighbors green with envy! Get to … Continue reading 3 Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas to Try!


Now that the winter chill is no longer here, it’s time to assess your landscaping and see what you can do to revitalize it for the spring season! Here are a few spring landscaping tips that will make your yard turn heads this year. Aerate Your Lawn Over time, your lawn might become compacted, especially … Continue reading 3 Tips to Give Your Yard a Spring Boost


Spring has sprung and that means pollen is in the air! The beautiful transition to the Spring season is rejuvenating, but dealing with those troublesome allergies is not. Although you can never be completely rid of allergens in your home, there are some effective ways to reduce them. Check Your Filters A well-ventilated house is … Continue reading 5 Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Home

An article recently published by a real estate appraiser stated, ”A good landscape can add value to your home, and if you’re planning on selling it can reduce the number of days the home is on the market.” It’s commonly called “curb appeal,” and it’s the way your home makes a good “first impression.” While … Continue reading Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Home

Renovate, Replace or Refurbish To Sell?

What to do? You want to sell your home but you know there are things that could be updated. Doing renovations that you can enjoy for 20 or 30 years is easily justified in your mind. Renovating to sell in the near future for someone else to enjoy is quite another thing. So how do … Continue reading Renovate, Replace or Refurbish To Sell?