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You’ve finally found the home you want to buy, put down an offer, and negotiated a final price with the seller. All the hard work is done, right? Not so fast! The home inspection is one of the most crucial steps when buying a home, so be sure to avoid these mistakes. Skipping It Even though a … Continue reading Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid!


As home prices continue to rise and inventory levels stay low, our current seller’s market signals stronger competition with more buyers fighting for fewer homes. In this scenario, making a perfect offer is key to securing a house. So what factors make your offer stand out from the rest? Cash Offers Rule If you can … Continue reading How to Make Your Offer Stand Out


If you are a first-time homebuyer, you might think that the price tag on the home is the only cost involved for a mortgage. However, there are other expenses that might catch you off guard. If you’re shopping for your first house, prepare for these additional, and often unexpected, homebuying costs. Home Inspections After your … Continue reading 3 Hidden Homebuying Costs


Wear and tear happens to any home over the years, and it can be easy to overlook. While preparing to list a home, a seller or their real estate agent will quickly notice the details that need attention. Here are 4 repairs you can make in your home now before listing it for sale! Patch-Up … Continue reading 4 Repairs to Make Before Selling Your House


While buying your first house is an exciting time and a big milestone, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some actions to avoid during the buying process. Here are some common but avoidable mistakes that first-time homebuyers sometimes make. Skipping the Prequalified Process When you decide to take the big step towards … Continue reading 4 Common First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes

Termite Inspections…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Once referred to universally as a “termite letter,” a real estate inspection performed by a reputable pest control company is known regionally as a clearance letter, CL100 or a realty termite inspection. The purpose of the termite letter is to report to the mortgage lender, home seller and home purchaser whether or not a wood … Continue reading Termite Inspections…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Five Ways To Save Up To $10,000 On Your Home Purchase

Hey, we all want to save money, especially on what for most is the largest single financial investment we will make in our lifetime.  By following the strategies below, you can often save big money and a lot of time during your home buying process. 1. Get Pre-approved with a lender and decide how you … Continue reading Five Ways To Save Up To $10,000 On Your Home Purchase