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Whether you are an avid fan of a college or pro football team, enjoying game day couldn’t be better than from the comfort of your own home. Here are three game-winning tips that will score points with your friends and family when you host a tailgate party at home! Play It Safe Grilling is a … Continue reading Tailgating At Home

Labor Day – Celebrate And Look Ahead

Ahhhh… the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, football games, less time to get it all done, no more lazy summer days, pretty soon the clock gets turned back an hour, what’s in store for fall?  We always talk about getting into the weeds, details, details, so the Meister, in the spirit … Continue reading Labor Day – Celebrate And Look Ahead

The Perfect Super Bowl Sunday-Family, Friends, Food & Football

The holidays are over, the decorations are packed away (almost), and we’re all trying to wish our way through another winter. But with this time of year comes some fantastic football, both college and professional. If you and your family are football fans, you know that there’s nothing better than slipping on your favorite team … Continue reading The Perfect Super Bowl Sunday-Family, Friends, Food & Football

Thanksgiving Quiz-Do You Know?…

Here’s a little Thanksgiving quiz (courtesy of History.com) to kick off your holiday. 1. Fact or Fiction: Thanksgiving is held on the final Thursday of November each year. Fiction. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln designated the last Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. However, in 1939, after a request from the National Retail … Continue reading Thanksgiving Quiz-Do You Know?…