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When it comes to buying a home, plenty of financial reasons make a convincing argument to make the move to buy. Financial motives like building equity, getting a tax break on your mortgage interest, and investing long term into a home simply make good sense for homebuyers. Emotional reasons, however, are really the more compelling … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why We Really Buy Homes


The holidays are here, and it’s that festive time of year when we open our doors to friends and family to celebrate our time-honored traditions and create lasting memories. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the holiday preparation and pressure to make your guests feel welcome – but don’t fret! Here are four tips that … Continue reading Holiday Hosting Hacks

Happy Holidays From Our Home To Yours

It’s hard to believe another Christmas is upon us and we’ll be welcoming a brand new year in mere days. I for one can’t believe how fast 2013 has flown by. If you’re my age, the age of a fine wine, time has gone into warp speed. Each day is filled with life’s busy-ness and … Continue reading Happy Holidays From Our Home To Yours

The Mortgage Meister Says…Rent or Own? A Matter of Need vs Want

Oh for so long the wisdom of the Great and Wise Mortgage Meisters of days gone by, was…Buy that home; it’s a no brainer. Your home represents more than your castle, it’s your nest egg, the key to a great retirement.  Well, the Mortgage Meisters of old were asleep at the wheel not so many … Continue reading The Mortgage Meister Says…Rent or Own? A Matter of Need vs Want