Right underneath everyone’s nose

Some suttle changes in the mortgage landscape have started to take place.  Lenders are slowly loosening some of their minimum credit score guidelines.  Our firm just got word today from a 3rd different company that announced this type of change.  FHA itself does not have a minimum credit score requirement, but as the housing downurn … Continue reading Right underneath everyone’s nose

The Future of Home Financing

This week the White House announced an overview of it’s proposal to lessen the role of the government in the Housing Finance Industry.  (http://www.mortgagenewsdaily.com/02112011_future_of_housing_finance.asp) best antivirus software 2013 The proposal mimicks closely the one that the Mortgage Bankers Association recommended about a year or so ago.  The major difference being the MBA called for almost … Continue reading The Future of Home Financing


what is antivirus software Well fellow Mortgage Bankers, just what is right in the good old USA today…Congress, Financial Markets, Job Creation, Interest Rates, Consumer Satisfaction, overall well-being. Believe it or not, amidst the chaos we seem to face every day, in spite of our elected officials trying their best to gum up the works, … Continue reading DOES ANYTHING WORK IN THIS HOUSE

Predicting the Future

The old saying goes if you want to make God laugh tell him what you are planning on doing tomorrow.  Just a few short months ago the entire financial world assumed that interest rates were headed higher.  Many thought we are in a V shaped recovery and that a bull market in the stock market … Continue reading Predicting the Future

New Laws for Virginia Homeowners

Five need-to-know laws for homeowners essay service (Effective July 1, 2010)  Virginia’s legislature sent three bills that benefit homeowners to Gov. McDonnell and approved a $70 billion budget that may reduce local government programs or force them to raise property taxes. Besides the budget, there were hundreds of bills debated, but we focused on three … Continue reading New Laws for Virginia Homeowners

Is it that Simple?

When Financial Expert and leading author Ron Blue was asked to appear before Congress as an expert witness before a Senate subcommittee as a result of the recent Financial Crisis he was asked what it is that each family in America should do given the current economic circumstances.  Here was his answer: write your paper 1. … Continue reading Is it that Simple?

Take Advantage of Short Sale incentives…

Beginning this week and running through the end of 2012, all financial institutions that participate in the Obama administration’s mortgage modification efforts will be required to give homeowners who are not eligible for a loan modification an opportunity to do a short sale through a new Home Affordable Alternatives Program. Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, or HAFA, gives … Continue reading Take Advantage of Short Sale incentives…

An Easy Way to keep your family budget?

As finance guru Dave Ramsey says the first thing anyone should do when they attempt to get their household finances in order is to prepare a family budget.  If your like me–preparing and thinking through the budget is much easier than actually tracking it and thus-keeping it.  Thankfully, we live in the 21st century and there are a … Continue reading An Easy Way to keep your family budget?

How to save at the Warehouse clubs and are you really saving?

The Seattle Times published a story on the warehouse clubs and found that if you do not spend over $300/year you will not make up for the yearly membership fee.  So after $300 your actually saving money buying in bulk. Do you know how to tell the marked down/clearance items at Sams Club and Costco? … Continue reading How to save at the Warehouse clubs and are you really saving?

tax credit information

Tax credit: Important things to know if you are looking to take advantage of the $8,000 or $6500 credit: 1) Must sign a contract by April 30th 2010 and close by June 30th 2010 2) Must be Primary Residence 3) Must close before claiming credit 4) Must file a 5405 form with the tax return … Continue reading tax credit information

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