At ALCOVA Mortgage, we know that your home can be a big piece of your larger financial puzzle.  That’s why ALCOVA Mortgage Branch Partner Tony Markland and Steve Burton of Equity 1 Inc. Financial Solutions come together on the radio to discuss how your home and good financial planning can help you reach your long-term … Continue reading Must-Know Tips for Today’s Housing and Finance Market


The late Billy Graham was known for his convictions and his character by all that knew him.  A big part of the reason is because Mr. Graham worked early in his ministry with members of his leadership team to come up with the “Modesto Manifesto” which was a simple list of core principles and values … Continue reading Letting Our Values Lead the Way!


Nobody wants to climb up into the attic for any reason, much less to check and perform maintenance. While being the least visited area in a home, the attic still plays a vital role in keeping your home healthy and comfortable. To keep your attic in top shape, here are 3 basic tips you need … Continue reading 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Attic

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Getting organized around the house is at the top of the to-do list for so many people. But once they get started, the disorganization and clutter can seem insurmountable. The key is developing an effective process when beginning to organize your home. Here are 3 simple steps to take as you strive to become organized … Continue reading 3 Simple Steps to Conquer the Clutter


Most economists say the outlook for housing in the coming year will focus on economic growth. Many see that growth to be in the 2-2.5% range with increases in five key areas. Let’s take a look. Mortgage interest rate increases Interest rates are expected to average slightly over 4% next year, with the Federal Reserve … Continue reading The Housing Outlook for 2017


You would be surprised at how many mortgage loan applicants make the mistake of doing three big things that should be “mortgage no-brainers” when preparing to apply for a home loan. Don’t be one of the unsuspecting applicants that may inadvertently ruin the chance of qualifying for a home loan. 1)  Don’t make a big … Continue reading Avoid These Three Things When Applying for a Mortgage


If you’re planning to buy a house, here are five tips to help you start the process. Know how big a loan you qualify for Potential home buyers should look at the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio to aid them in knowing what they can afford. Calculate the LTV by dividing the loan amount by the appraised … Continue reading Five Steps To Take When Buying a Home

Higher Interest Rates Soften Sales

With the presidential election now having been decided, a recent rise in mortgage interest rates is starting to affect home sales. The average rate on a 30-year conventional loan reached the highest level in more than a year. What this increase means for people who can afford it is just an additional frustration, however, for … Continue reading Higher Interest Rates Soften Sales


As financial markets still react to the results of the U.S. presidential election, the stock market rose sharply, reaching record highs late last week. As a result, mortgage interest rates rose, too. According to Zillow, the 30-year fixed rate went from an average of 3.38% to 3.8% in just a few days. Most mortgage experts … Continue reading Election Results Push Interest Rates Higher… For Now


Despite ongoing rumors the millennial generation isn’t buying homes, new evidence in a recent report from mortgage lending software company, Ellie Mae, shows that not only are millennials buying, they’re even refinancing. While the total number is small, it’s growing. Refinances comprised 20% of all mortgage loans closed during the month of September – an … Continue reading Millennials Making a Move

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