Owning a second home can boast many benefits including a sound financial strategy and a long-term plan for retirement while also offering plenty of lifestyle options. Here are the top four reasons people take a leap into buying a second home! It’s a Sound Investment The housing market will always be fluctuating with its highs … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Buy a Second Home


If you are a first-time homebuyer, you might think that the price tag on the home is the only cost involved for a mortgage. However, there are other expenses that might catch you off guard. If you’re shopping for your first house, prepare for these additional, and often unexpected, homebuying costs. Home Inspections After your … Continue reading 3 Hidden Homebuying Costs


Fixed-rate mortgage and adjustable-rate mortgages are the two primary mortgage types for homebuyers. While other loans options fall within these two categories, the first step in homebuying is determining which of the two types best suits you! Fixed-Rate Loan A fixed-rate mortgage is exactly as it sounds – it’s a home loan with an interest … Continue reading Choosing Between a Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage


Traditionally, we think of the homeowner path as upsizing. When we are young, we buy a small starter home to fit our needs and income. Later, our needs change as our family unit grows, and we move into a larger home to fit our needs. There are times in our lives, however, when smaller spaces … Continue reading Knowing When to Downsize

Pretend for a moment that you owned the bank that was being asked to give somebody a mortgage loan. Chances are you’d want to know a good deal of information on the borrower before you approved their loan. So does your mortgage lender. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most common questions you … Continue reading 15 Questions Your Mortgage Lender Will Ask

FHA to Help Borrowers Keep Their Homes

Borrowers who have a high LTV (loan-to-value ratio) got some good news recently as the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced its intention to extend the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) into 2017. In addition, the Agency introduced a new refinance program designed to take the place of HARP when it expires. The programs are for … Continue reading FHA to Help Borrowers Keep Their Homes

It’s taken awhile, but reverse mortgages are gradually gaining mainstream financial respect. Once looked at as loans of last resort, financial advisors are warming up to the idea of recommending reverse mortgages to some of their clients. Fueled in part by strengthened consumer protection measures and an ever-aging population increasingly ill-prepared for retirement, reverse mortgages … Continue reading Reverse Mortgages Gaining Respect as Potential Financial Planning Tool

Time For Final Decisions!

Critical Path…Stage Three… Next 60 – 120 days What’s been done to date? 1)      You’ve chosen a neighborhood, properly zoned, started working with or identifying third party professionals, the stakeholders who will make the dream come true 2)      Completed some preliminary financial analysis, estimated project cost, our ability to repay, remember in the … Continue reading Time For Final Decisions!

Giving Thanks Is Good For Your Health

Did you know that medical research has shown that giving thanks, or having a “thankful” attitude decreases the risk of heart attack and also provides many other health benefits?  Being thankful first starts with an understanding of how truly fortunate we are.  While many individuals in the world live with next to nothing, we live in … Continue reading Giving Thanks Is Good For Your Health


Politics, what the heck does it have to do with Finance, Healthcare, and Elections? The Mortgage Meister believes Politics, Sound Bites, Talking Points,someone constantly on the stump, politicking, telling all of us, do what I say rather than what I do…what is it you actually do, what are you saying, who is the voice of … Continue reading POLITICS…FINANCE, HEALTHCARE, ELECTIONS…VOICES OF REASON

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