Today we tend to do everything online—from dating and being social to ordering groceries and banking.  But, when it comes to getting a home loan, does it make sense to go with one of those online mortgage companies? If you’re thinking about going online to track down a home loan, here’s a quick rundown of … Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Online Mortgages


Traditionally, we think of the homeowner path as upsizing. When we are young, we buy a small starter home to fit our needs and income. Later, our needs change as our family unit grows, and we move into a larger home to fit our needs. There are times in our lives, however, when smaller spaces … Continue reading Knowing When to Downsize


When you’re buying, refinancing, or selling your home, a home appraisal will always be one of the key components of the transaction. Simply defined, a home appraisal is an unbiased opinion from a professional appraiser on a home’s value. Home appraisals are done to determine whether the home’s contract price is appropriate given the home’s … Continue reading Everything to Know About Home Appraisals!

Mortgage payoff

It’s all part of the American dream: owning a home, then paying off the mortgage to become debt-free. And even though you may be able to pay off your mortgage early, is it the best thing for your finances? There are many things to consider before you pay off your mortgage. Let’s take a look … Continue reading Before You Pay Off Your Mortgage, Consider This

Loan closing tips

I once knew a loan closing  attorney who, when reviewing the note and mortgage with a new borrower, would jokingly say, “You’re welcome to read over everything, and if you find anything in your favor, the lender will be happy to correct that mistake!” Of course, he was being facetious and he used that line as … Continue reading Loan Closing Tips

The American dream of home ownership isn’t fully realized until you own your home free and clear. And for most of us, that’s the goal we’re working toward… paying off the mortgage and owning our home outright. However, there are some things to consider before you pay off your mortgage. As tempting as it might … Continue reading Thinking of Paying Your Mortgage Off Early? Think Again.

All Credit Scores are Not Created Equally

Credit scores often have consumers (and sometimes lenders) scratching their heads and saying “How did they come up with THAT?” The one you hear about the most are FICO scores (an acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation, the creators of the FICO score). It’s the one that most mortgage lenders use as one of the … Continue reading All Credit Scores are Not Created Equally

50 Common Mortgage and Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and lawyers often speak a different language, it seems, when they’re working with clients. The following glossary of some of the most widely used terms will help you understand what they say, what they mean and how it may impact your home search or mortgage loan application. Abstract of Title … Continue reading 50 Common Mortgage and Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Termite Inspections…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Once referred to universally as a “termite letter,” a real estate inspection performed by a reputable pest control company is known regionally as a clearance letter, CL100 or a realty termite inspection. The purpose of the termite letter is to report to the mortgage lender, home seller and home purchaser whether or not a wood … Continue reading Termite Inspections…The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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