Fixed-rate mortgage and adjustable-rate mortgages are the two primary mortgage types for homebuyers. While other loans options fall within these two categories, the first step in homebuying is determining which of the two types best suits you! Fixed-Rate Loan A fixed-rate mortgage is exactly as it sounds – it’s a home loan with an interest … Continue reading Choosing Between a Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage


Plenty of people have the goal of buying a home, but factors hold them back from making it happen each year. Rising interest rates or not enough savings for the standard 20% down payment are just a few examples that cause people to push off the thought of owning a home. Maybe next year’s rates … Continue reading 3 Reasons to Buy This Summer!


Much ado has been written and discussed lately about rising interest rates. Within days after the presidential election results were tabulated, the U.S. stock market soared. When that happens, the bond market suffers. As a result, U.S. Treasury bond yields dropped. Long-term mortgage interest rates are more closely tied to Treasury bonds, pushing those rates … Continue reading Despite Increases, Interest Rates Are Still Low

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Now that 2016 is just about in the record books, we naturally turn our thoughts to what 2017 will hold – especially for the housing market and mortgage industry. The big question facing 2017 will be, “How will interest rate increases affect the housing market?” Let’s look at a few factors that affect housing and … Continue reading What Role Will Interest Rates Play in 2017?

While housing activity and consumer spending enjoyed limited increases recently, Fannie Mae reported that their Strategic Research Group’s entire-year economic growth projection will remain unchanged at a forecasted 1.7% in June. Economists blame the surprisingly low employment report, showing very little new job growth and reinforcing the sluggishness of the economic expansion. That was the … Continue reading Growth Expected to be Slow, Steady and Stable

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Mortgage interest rates remain the lowest in almost three years. Yet despite that, the number of mortgage loan applications didn’t improve much from last week. The total volume increased less than .5% from the previous week, says the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA.) The sole bright spot: refinance applications increased about .5% and are 23% higher … Continue reading Applications Slightly Up… Rates Still Low

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An interesting phenomenon has occurred recently in the U.S. economy. According to at least one economist millennials hold greater sway on interest rates – and can even influence the decisions of the Federal Reserve. “The Federal Reserve no longer sets interest rates in the United States of America — 25-35 year-olds set interest rates,” Bill … Continue reading Millennials Powering Interest Rates?

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When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates just two short months ago there was some worry that mortgage rates would follow — despite reassurances from economists, real estate agents and lenders. Now it appears interest rates are going in the other direction, partly due to reaction to overseas financial markets and not our domestic monetary … Continue reading Mortgage Rates: How Low Can They Go?

After a week of little movement in mortgage rates, more homeowners applied to refinance their home loans — probably in response to the Federal Reserve’s recent .25% increase in the interest rate.  The total volume of mortgage applications decreased last week from the previous week, reports the Mortgage Bankers Association. However, applications for refinancing went … Continue reading Rate Fears Cause Refinancing Growth

Now that you have found THE house and received your disclosures, you need to decide whether to lock your interest rate or float it. On your initial disclosures, it includes a rate quote. This does not necessarily mean it is the rate you will have on your mortgage at closing. This quote is the rate … Continue reading Locking Your Interest Rate

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