A new survey recently released by Discover – the credit card company – revealed some interesting information about people’s credit scores and their sense of self worth. The survey showed 73% of people who check their credit scores at least seven times a year say they are more likely to exhibit positive credit behavior, such … Continue reading Check Your Credit Score to Keep it on Your Radar

Okay, time for a quick pop quiz. Compared to a high credit score, how much does a low credit score increase the cost of a $20,000, 60-month auto loan? Give up? According to the Consumer Federation of America’s sixth annual credit score survey, the answer if $5,000. And only 22% of those surveyed got the … Continue reading Four Things You May Not Know About Your Credit Score

Credit Score

We all know that having good credit is important. In today’s real estate market, with interest rates still low and with lenders having money to lend, it’s a great time to buy a home. However, if your credit isn’t good, your chances of financing your dream home are lessened. Here are five credit mistakes to … Continue reading Five Credit Problems to Avoid

With identification theft at epidemic levels, some security experts are recommending consumers freeze their credit reports. Temporarily suspending all activity — or freezing your account — is a way to block identity thieves from opening new credit cards and other accounts in your name. Credit insiders say you should consider this tactic even if your … Continue reading Freeze Your Credit Report For Protection

Nowadays most people know how important their credit score is to their financial well-being. Credit scores are being used now more than ever before. Auto loans, credit cards and mortgage loans are just a few of the financing needs the average person has during their lifetime. And a high credit score can help get a … Continue reading Time to Check Your Credit Report?

A myth is defined as a widely held but false belief or idea.  It’s important that you know the facts regarding your financial story.  Much has been written about credit reports these days. As such, there are numerous misconceptions and untruths about what information becomes a part of your credit report. Let’s attempt to clear up a … Continue reading Credit Report Myths and Truths

All Credit Scores are Not Created Equally

Credit scores often have consumers (and sometimes lenders) scratching their heads and saying “How did they come up with THAT?” The one you hear about the most are FICO scores (an acronym for the Fair Isaac Corporation, the creators of the FICO score). It’s the one that most mortgage lenders use as one of the … Continue reading All Credit Scores are Not Created Equally

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

We’ve all seen the commercials and listened to the jingles. But the question remains, “Do You Know Your Credit Score?” As important as credit scores are in obtaining consumer credit today, few Americans regularly check their credit reports and even fewer have little if any idea what their credit score is, the Consumer Financial Protection … Continue reading Do You Know Your Credit Score?

DIY Credit Repair Tips and Letters

When it comes to credit repair and credit restoration, the FTC says “self help is the best help”. There are numerous companies online that claim to be able to help you repair your credit and raise your credit score. Unfortunately only a handful of the hundreds of companies making these claims are honest and can … Continue reading DIY Credit Repair Tips and Letters