Whether you plan on hosting guests over for the holidays or you plan on kicking back and keeping it simple this year, you always have plenty of delightful options to make your home nice and cozy. Here are some of our favorite ideas for sprucing up your home for holidays and upping the cozy factor! … Continue reading 4 Cozy Home Holiday Ideas You Must Try!


While flipping through HGTV shows like Love It or List It, you might find yourself weighing your own options like the homeowners on television. Is it worth it to renovate your current home, or should you move on with selling it? Make the best decision for your situation by asking yourself some key questions! What … Continue reading Helpful Questions to Ask Before Renovating or Selling


While the holidays mark the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also “‘tis the season” for home burglaries. According to the FBI, December is a peak month for burglaries, which isn’t surprising, since it’s also the month when many people leave their homes unattended while enjoying holiday events. By taking some very simple precautions, … Continue reading Must-Know Holiday Home Security Tips


­While buyers tend to mostly focus on listing prices of houses, owning a home includes a list of expenses that aren’t included in that sticker price. While, these expenses can vary considerably by region, it’s good to be aware of these costs, especially for first-time home buyers who might not be familiar with all the … Continue reading 3 Unexpected Home Ownership Costs


Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, and it’s no surprise for buyers to feel stressed about the process. Most of this stress, however, comes from feeling uninformed about how it all works. Feel more empowered and in-the-know before your next home buying journey by walking through each phase … Continue reading Understanding the Mortgage Process


There’s nothing like being home for the holidays! Filled with traditions, family and friends, and lots of yummy food, the holiday season can give so much joy yet require a lot of prep work along the way. Get ready for the all the holiday merriment with these home holiday prep tips! Coat & Shoe Storage … Continue reading Prepping Your Home for the Holidays


Whether you love or dread the frosty winter temperatures, we all like to save money while staying comfortable in our home when the temperatures drop. By taking a few simple steps towards winterizing your home, you can achieve both goals! Caulk (or Re-Caulk) Your Windows If you are noticing cold drafts of air coming from … Continue reading Winter Weatherproofing Ideas


Halloween is upon us! Whether you’re hosting a party, preparing for ghosts and goblins to knock on your door, or going trick-or-treating with your kids, here are some tips to have a safe and Spooktacular Halloween. Beware of What You Share Not all candy is appropriate for every child. Avoid candy that poses a choking … Continue reading 4 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas


Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, so it makes sense that it might bring along some extra stress with it. However, there are ways you can cut the anxiety and get through the process with fewer bumps in the road. Here are four tips to help keep the … Continue reading 4 Stress-Reducing Mortgage Tips


One of the biggest hurdles aspiring home buyers face is saving enough for a down payment, but you may be closer than you think. In a study conducted by NerdWallet, 44% of respondents said a lack of a down payment was the roadblock keeping them from buying a home. Let’s set the record straight and … Continue reading 3 Down Payments Myths Debunked!

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